Royal blue with Vote Libertarian in yellow

Royal blue with Vote Libertarian in yellow

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Chinatown Bus Pioneer Fung Wah Strangled by Federal Bureaucracy

Chinatown Bus Pioneer Fung Wah Strangled by Federal Bureaucracy

Chinatown Bus Pioneer Fung Wah Strangled by Federal Bureaucracy

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DC corporate media censoring news coverage of Libertarian candidates

It does seem like there is going to be a local DC media blackout of the Libertarians, by

WMAL -- where most of the on air talent claim to be libertarian-leaning, but never mention any DC or Virginia Libertarian candidates, except to attack them the day after the election, as they did Robert Sarvis when he ran for Governor in 2013.  WMAL seems to have orders from its corporate owners to push Cuccinelli, Gillespie and Catania and never mention or interview Libertarians.  Is it a Republican thing or do they just like Italians?

Washington City Paper - ran a long article when we only had three candidates recruited, perhaps mainly so they could say Libertarians are all nerdy white guys.  Now that we have 9 candidates, including black and brown and gay and female candidates, they don't cover them much, especially any Libertarian candidate of color;

The Washington Post - where pretty much every reporter except Michael DeBonis reports that there are are only 3 candidates (including my friend Carol Schwartz who has little chance of being elected), and occasionally even mentions the Green Party candidate, but have stopped mentioning Libertarians especially me.

(The gay press, MetroWeekly and the Washington Blade, are covering us.  I believe the Washingtonian is going to as well.)

Of course, most local coverage is essentially sports coverage -- who is up, who is down.  Or it's just about who is white or black or gay or unmarried.  Nothing about ideas or policies.  These are the same people who never exposed any corruption in DC until Tim Day and other private citizens brought it to light.  Who have never looked at who donates hundreds of thousands to all our incumbents from Eleanor Holmes Norton down, and whether it correlates with committees they sit on and votes they take.

So, we have to raise money and bypass them.  We've distributed around 6,000 brochures and I just got another 4,000 door knockers on school choice that we will be going door to door with.  Our website goes live this week (if you don't get a snail mail fundraising letter you can give there when it is up).

We will be campaigning mainly on 5 issue areas (vaguely in order of emphasis) :

1) radically expanded school choice to address DC's failed schools.  DC currently budgets $29,000 per pupil for public school students, but only $17,000 for charter schools and even less for students who use an opportunity voucher to attend an independent school.  This is the subject of the door knocker we are distributing now.  We want voters to vote Libertarian to signal to the DC political class that they want unequal and discriminatory funding against charter schools to end.

2) refocusing criminal justice on real crime - people are being assaulted for appearing to be gay, for having an Iphone, etc. all over town - a libertarian just last week in NoMa - while DC prosecutes alleged prostitutes and other victimless crimes and sets up ticket trap surveillance cameras.  In addition DC residents who go to federal prison are shipped around the country where their relatives cannot find them (we have no local prison), and we have DC residents who cannot get jobs because of their criminal record for involvement in victimless crimes.

3) pointing out all the ways DC keeps people without law degrees from getting a job, starting a business, or becoming wealthy, by making it illegal for them to start a school, cook and sell food, braid hair, provide day care, etc. etc.

4) encouraging voters to vote for the marijuana legalization initiative, including people who are usually non-voters, and while they are at it voting Libertarian for candidates who would push that issue.

5) calling for an end to DC policies that restrict the supply of housing, driving up rents and causing homelessness, including limiting the height of buildings (so the city is filled up with 10 story buildings to meet our growing housing demand, since no once can build a 40 or 50 story one) and regulating owners of smaller multi-unit buildings with moderately priced apartments so that they sell out to condo and apartment developers and leave the DC market to invest in Virginia.

If we end up getting more donations this month we may do internet and radio ads, as well as more door knockers.  We will also be doing more substantial responses to and alternatives to the welcome platforms some of the other candidates have finally put out.

As always, the dollars per vote spent by Libertarians will be far less and far more efficient than the incumbent candidates.  They've already spent $4 million, which means they've already spent way over $10 per vote, which is even more than Democrats and Republicans usually spend (often around $3 per vote).  Libertarians typically spend less than $1 per vote, since we don't receive corporate, union, or PAC donations.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bruce Majors speaks at DC State Fair

Saturday, September 20, 2014

  •  to 

Old City Farm and Guild

  • 925 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC (edit map)
  • A 5 minute speech and then we can pass out literature for 45 minutes.  Other candidates should come and meet voters.  I will introduce you from stage.

DC wasting police resources on victimless crimes

Mr Sinclair and Officer Boteler,

This was actually another big failure, which inflates our taxes unnecessarily for non violent crimes, as the Council and MPD seek to pretend to abolish street prostitution for the NIMBYs.

It might be more useful if MPD just arrested the johns and pimps to shame and scare away those who drive the market. Where ever there is a market of people — usually men with gross amounts of disposable income (like well to do PSA 307 residents) — to pay cash to exploit women (more than American society already does) for illicit sex, there will be suppliers.

DC's local judges don't take these irrational "solicitation" cases very seriously and often let non violent prostitutes go. I'm not sure whether or not the men involved get branded publicly as sex offenders — for the rest of their lives where ever they might live or work, to their wives and families — but it would make the system more effective and fair. Altogether, DC residents should fight to scrap current anti-prostitution policies and practices for a humane, logical, cost saving — if not revenue positive — alternative.

On Aug 27, during a trial for Monique L Moultrie (age 38) at the DC Superior Moultrie Courthouse, the Honorable Judge Truman Morrison stated that he's heard thousands of dubious "solicitation violations" in which — absent direct complaint of violence or an offense from one of the participants — MPD officers were actually guilty of committing the technically illegal solicitation to entrap poor people. The real victims in these situations are usually women (or LGBTs), notoriously abused by American society (more than whiny adult black males who get all the news media crying about racism) who have no better ways to survive in America and DC's local economy than to sell their bodies on the street to any disgusting creepy guy with $20 in their pants (who no normal economically stable and sensible human being would likely touch with a 10ft pole or want to see naked).
Judge Truman Morrison recalled an even more troubling case this year in which a poor woman — who was both deaf and mute — was arrested and tried for solicitation after an undercover MPD officer offered her $10 and begged her for some "head" and the male police officer claimed the poor woman solicited him when she "nodded" by looking down toward his crotch (more likely just intimidated, scared and dejected because she was about to be arrested w/o actually having committed a real crime). 

Judge Morrison decried current entrapment polices perpetuated by our DC Council and practiced by MPD as reprehensible and he suggested he usually throws out such cases, or gives meaningless light sentences, because the whole framework is inhumane and an obscene waste of tax payer dollars — from police resources to astronomical court costs — which no one dares itemize transparently for the public or at Council hearings because we would stop this nonsense completely and advocate to create a rational alternative.

So, the effect of the big Sept 13 prostitution bust will probably put the women back out the street with even fewer means to becoming employed and getting their lives back on track.

The nitwit way we use the brutal arm of the insanely costly criminal justice system to ruin the lives of non violent offenders is just one of the reasons Switzerland is ranked 7th as one of the world's leading democracies and the United States is lagging behind pathetically at 19th. The wealthy elite have ruined our democracy and are often eager to charge poor people with felonies that eliminate their right to vote and participate in society and advocate for more humane and rational cost saving policies.

Simple physiology dictates that men are hard wired to seek out sex regularly — with their wives, girlfriends and/or others. Puritanical fallacies about how people should live their lives are out of step with reality and even Christian values; even Jesus refused to condemn someone for a non violent sex offense in (The Gospel of John 8:3-11) when the elite wanted to have her stoned to death. It's hard to imagine He'd want anyone's life permanently ruined for such non violent offenses. 

Prostitution is unhealthy and self destructive, but so are BigGulps. A civilized humane society would not compound the damage — and increase their own taxes – by employing the criminal justice system instead of providing, at a lower cost, better education (than DC public schools — the worst in the Nation), preventive health care, substance abuse treatment, and legitimate/effective job training that would help empower these women (and their LGBT colleagues) and get them back on their feet to become productive neighbors and tax paying American citizens.

Best regards,

Martin Moulton
2014 DC Libertarian candidate for United States Representative for the District of Columbia (Statehood/Shadow Representative)
(202) 422-1161, @ShawingtonTimes

Re: [MPD-3d] 3-D VICE Anti-Prostitution Operation a Success !
Great job! Thank you for the department's hard work on this!
Thom Sinclair

[MPD-3d] 3-D VICE Anti-Prostitution Operation a Success !
On Sat, Sep 13, 2014 at 7:15 AM, 'Boteler, James (MPD)' james.boteler@... [MPD-3d]<MPD-3d@yahoogroups.comwrote:
On today's date, during the very early morning hours, members of your 3-D Vice Unit conducted an street-level undercover "Anti-Prostitution Operation" within PSA307.

The operation focused on street level prostitution and targeted both street-level prostitutes and the customers of said illicit activity.

A total of 15 adult men and women were arrested and charged with "Solicitation of Prostitution."

LPHQ Grand Opening Reception

Start date: 
Saturday, September 20, 2014 - 7:00pm
End date: 
Saturday, September 20, 2014 - 10:00pm
Time Zone: 


Libertarian Party Headquarters
1444 Duke St.
AlexandriaVA 22314


LPHQ Grand Opening Reception 7-10 pm. Help celebrate our new office and meet LNC Board, staff and local candidates! Beer, wine and light hors d'oeuvres will be served. Please support our new office by donating to the David F. Nolan Memorial Fund: 
Please also join us for the quarterly LNC Meeting - details along with parking and hotel information here:

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Constitution and Foreign Policy

A Debate Between
John Yoo & Bruce Fein

The Constitution and 
Foreign Policy
Rand Paul
Barack Obama & George Bush

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
6:30 p.m.

National Press Club 
Main Ballroom

RSVP at:

Bruce Fein, senior policy advisor to the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign, and John Yoo, Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel in the Bush Administration, will square off to debate the Constitution and Foreign Policy on September 16, 2014 at the National Press Club. 
Fein will defend Rand Paul's foreign policy disfavoring war except in self-defense, unilateral presidential action in national security matters without congressional authorization, and executive agreements in lieu of treaties as faithful to the Constitution's original meaning and purposes. Fein will further maintain that the President today exercises more unchecked power than did King George III at the time of the American Revolution.
Yoo will defend the Bush and Obama administration's claim to executive primacy in foreign affairs, including the right to use preemptive military force to defeat current or future threats to the United States or its allies.  He will also defend the legality of current counter-terrorism policy, including the use of predator drones to kill al Qaeda leaders abroad and the bulk collection and analysis of electronic communications.
The Committee for the Republic is a citizen-based, non-partisan, nonprofit organization founded in 2003. The Committee sponsors speakers monthly on challenges to the American Republic, including the military-industrial complex, too-big-to-fail banks, campaign finance, and U.S. competitiveness. For questions or requests email

Friday, September 12, 2014

Dear Voter - Help!

Dear Voter:
We have a real opportunity to reach new voters in the D.C. area this year and raise issues Muriel Bowser and David Catania are not discussing, like the need for expanded school choice, more freedom to work and for ending regulations that make it difficult to expand the supply of housing in DC. Libertarians have been receiving a lot of attention recently and we can build on it. In 2012 we won permanent ballot status in Washington, D.C., when my Congressional campaign received 6% of the vote and 16,700 DC residents voted Libertarian! Then in 2013 Robert Sarvis ran a fantastic campaign for Governor in neighboring Virginia (I was honored to do volunteer work non-stop for that campaign for its last two weeks), shocking many by winning 7% of the vote.

We have 9 (nine!) candidates running - the only party other than the Democrats with a full slate! Two of us have already participated in debates and we are pressing to get more included. Washington, D.C. is a major media market, and we want journalists and opinion makers who live here to see Libertarians running for office in their neighborhoods so they will then be more likely to cover them nationally when they are at work. We’ve already received coverage in the Northwest Current, Washington Post blogs, the Washington City Paper, the Washington Blade, MetroWeekly, the Daily Caller, RedState,, Roll Call and WAMU (NPR affiliate) website. In September and October I will have interviews about my campaign published in the both the Washingtonian and Washington Blade.

And I am appearing in more debates: before the National Capital Area ACLU, the DC Youth Alliance, the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop. The two largest debates use a financial rule and will only invite candidates who have raised a certain amount of money. So I need your help!

I’d like to be able to blanket D.C. with “Majors for Mayor/Vote Libertarian” streets signs and go door to door to every home with our candidates’ brochures on our support for radically expanded school choice. We are also planning on producing a Pranav Badhwar for Ward 6 street sign and others as funds allow.
So we need your help! I thank you for your past contributions to Liberty and ask that you make another one to our campaign. (I’m enclosing a return mail envelope for you to do so. Make checks, from $10 and $25 up to the $2000 legal maximum, to “Bruce Majors, Libertarian for Mayor. Our financial reports are on file and on line at the D.C. Office of Campaign Finance.)

D.C. is unusual - by city charter, two of our city council At Large seats are set aside for a candidate NOT in the majority party. In the past this has sometimes been won by Republicans (who are only 6% of DC registered voters) or Greens, and sometimes by faux “Independents” who had lost a Democratic primary and ran as “independents” complete with yard signs that read “Independent Democrat.” Our candidate, Frederick Steiner, is getting great coverage, and this is a seat the D.C. Libertarian Party plans to take in an election soon. So we need to keep growing our party (which is currently the fastest growing party in DC) and maintain permanent ballot status so we can take that seat!

D.C. also has a problem in its ruling party, the Democrats, with political corruption. For the past several years elected Democrats have been routinely indicted and convicted, and our incumbent Mayor, who lost his primary, is under FBI investigation. Indeed back in 2012 some local wags created a website that counts how many DAYS it has been that a D.C. politician was indicted: w Of the two other mayoral candidates who are incumbent city council members, the Democrat, Muriel Bowser, has already been connected by the Washington Post to several corruption scandals via her major donors and supporters.

Washington, D.C. also has some interesting libertarian developments and some interesting libertarian prospects. Voters here as elsewhere seem to be changing their minds about the rationality of the War on Drugs. They are also abandoning traditional government monopoly schools for charter schools and other forms of school choice - about 45% of D.C. students are now in charter schools, with thousands more leaving the government school monopoly annually. Only Libertarians are likely to point out that we don’t need to maintain empty schools, and we need to be emptying out jails. These properties, along with sports stadiums, convention centers, and other D.C. properties could be taken off the books and auctioned off to the voluntary sector, with the savings returned to the taxpayer to stimulate job growth in the private sector. We hope to do some white papers analyzing D.C. specific policies with the extra lead time we have since we don’t have to spend time petitioning to get on the ballot. Both of the incumbent city council members running for mayor, independent David Catania and Democrat Muriel Bowser, have virtually no ideas and simply support minor tinkering with our current policies. Instead, DC needs a radical expansion of and protection of choice - from school choice, to defending Uber and other innovators and job creators, to getting rid of licensure and other regulations that keep people from getting jobs. That’s what we are offering, aiming to shift the Overton window in DC politics.

We’d also like to do outreach to the 18% of voters in D.C. who, somewhat amazingly, take the time to register to vote, but register No Party, rejecting both the Democrats and Republicans. This is one fifth of all registered voters, who reject the two establishment parties, even though it means they are then locked out of primary voting (D.C. has closed primaries). We’d like to canvass door to door and do mailings to these voters, prospecting for the Libertarians among them. (We’ve done around 5,000 homes so far this year, but are now flat out of supplies.) The D.C. government really only got around to printing the new voter registration forms with a “Libertarian” option last March, since then 20-30 have registered Libertarian every month (and 50 in April! -- either because of the primary or because of tax day). Our minimal goal is to maintain permanent ballot status (so we never have to have another time and money consuming ballot drive), by getting enough votes in November. But getting more publicity, proposing libertarian solutions to local problems, and registering more Libertarians are goals as well.

But all these plans and projects for making a Libertarian splash in what is a major American media market take money, and volunteers. We need you! (And even if you gave before April during our primary period you can give again now in the general election period!)

We have more people than ever willing to volunteer, more candidates, and more time -- since we are on the ballot a year before the election, not condemned to collect thousands of signatures for each candidate in July-August, only finding out if we’ve made it onto the ballot two or three months before the election.
We’re now being included in media coverage and candidate forums much earlier and more often than ever before. Our Libertarian for Ward 6 (Capitol Hill) City Council candidate, Pranav Badhwar (a 2nd generation libertarian whose mom is a philosopher who knew Ayn Rand), has been in two debates with 2 Democratic opponents who hadn’t even made it through their primary yet. And Bruce Majors (me!) our Libertarian mayoral candidate, was in a debate with all the Democratic Party candidates before the ACLU - National Capital Area Chapter and another before the D.C. Statehood Committee and has been invited to more.

So please help! $25 helps us go door to door to 250 homes with door knockers or brochures. $50 helps us put up 30 street signs. Early money is like liberty! If you are like me, and want to scale back government, change the conversation, and see a major media market, maybe the most important major political media market saturated with signs and mailings, will you please consider a generous donation today?

Your in Liberty,
Bruce Majors,
Libertarian candidate for Mayor
Bruce Majors, Libertarian for Mayor, 1200 23rd Street NW, Washington DC 20037

Thursday, September 11, 2014

DC Elections Heat Up

G. Lee Aikin for Better Government: DC Elections Heat Up: Out to See the Action at DC...: Last night (9/10/14) I attended DC for Democracy's first of two forums.  This was for At Large candidates.  Of the 15 candidates running...

A guest post/link from our Statehood Green friends.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Libertarians included in neighborhood and smaller debates, but censored from two largest

One local area libertarian pointed out to me 6th and I synagogue is having this forum and did not invite me.  

I am being invited to all the smaller forums (Capitol Hill Arts Center, DC Statehood group, National Capital Area ACLU, DC Youth Alliance) but not this one and the only big one, the WAMU/NPR forum.  I am asking you to help me by writing a letter to Debra Linick at and ask that I be included.  I have contacted her and so has the fellow who first pointed this out to me.

I will also work on finding a contact for the WAMU on air debate, moderated by Kojo Namdi.

Thank you.

Whether I am included or not I and any other libertarians who can will be at the event to flyer the audience.

Libertarian mayoral candidate Bruce Majors at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop forum.
(Independent candidate Carol Schwartz and Green Party candidate faith seated.)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Subject: You missed a candidate in your mayoral forum invites
To: Bruce Majors <>

Hi Bruce,

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington is the organization coordinating the candidate forum. Sixth & I is hosting the event, but we are not determining who is actually participating. I would reach out to Debra Linick ( to inquire about being included.


Hannah O-----, Communications Manager
Sixth & I - 600 I Street, NW - Washington, DC 20001
Direct: 202.266.4864 | Fax: 202.408.5124 | Web: 
Follow us on Twitter @sixthandi
Join our community


To send a protest letter to the NPR/WAMU debate email Kojo Namdi at

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