Gary Johnson speaks at CPAC

Gary Johnson speaks at CPAC
Gary Johnson, CPAC, Thursday 4 pm

Monday, February 23, 2015

DC/Virginia Libertarian calendar

February 22-28
Alexandria, VA

Andy Bakker for Delegate petition drive

February 22-28
Powhatan, VA

Carl Loser for Delegate petition drive
February 23

Jay Price, Libertarian for Delegate, blogtalkradio
7:00 pm

Join Joe Enroughty, Jeff Kleb, Alex Butler, and Jeffry Sanford as they welcome Libertarian Jay Price to the program for Monday, February 23rd, 2014. It all begins at 7pm Eastern. Jay is running for Louisiana State Representative in District 10. We'll talk with Jay about his platform, his goals for the state of Louisiana, and much more. We'll also discuss some of the recent headlines in the news and talk about a new national news network that is unbiased in its reporting - One America News. Be sure and join us for this very important edition of the show.
Call in with your thoughts or questions: (347)-994-2949
You can listen "LIVE" online at the link below.

February 23
Washington DC

Liberty Toastmasters
6:25 pm

Join us for our fourth meeting of 2015 at the The Loft in Chinatown to improve your communication skills and network with likeminded liberty lovers. Please take note that this is not the same location as last meeting.

TOASTMASTER: Roger Pattison
SPEECHES: Diana Castillo, Steve RoseCasey Given

Liberty Toastmasters is a liberty-oriented, mutually supportive learning community to build effective communication and leadership skills in the liberty movement. Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month.

Liberty Toastmasters is chartered by Toastmasters International and follows the Toastmasters' educational curriculum:

Visit our website to learn more:

February 25

Nominate Virginia Libertarian of the Year

Event: Call for Nominees - LPVA Volunteer Recognition

Description: At its January meeting in 2004, the State Central Committee,
the governing body of the LPVA, unanimously adopted a resolution declaring
the third Monday of February to be "Libertarian Leadership Day".  The
state committee chooses one outstanding Libertarian activist, declared to
be our "Libertarian Leader", as part of its celebration of Libertarian
Leadership Day.

In 2014, we decided to establish two recognitions:

1) Libertarian Leader Lifetime Service Award - For those rare activists
who have steadily volunteered for LPVA over a period of many years.

2) Libertarian Leader of the Year - Recognizing those who have made
extensive contributions to the LPVA in any given year.

The State Central Committee typically selects the nominee at the first
meeting of each year.

All members of the Libertarian Party who reside in Virginia are invited to
suggest nominees for each recognition.  The nominee must be a Virginia
resident, and must be an LP member.  If you would like to nominate an
outstanding activist for either title, please email the  Secretary via  or
send a letter (to M Montoni, PO Box 864, Dayton VA  22821-0864), and ask
to have the person's name added to the Agenda.

Please include a brief, one or two-paragraph "activist resume" for your
nominee, and perhaps a statement telling us why you think the person
deserves to be officially recognized.

Your nominations will be provided to all state committee members and will
be included on the March meeting agenda.

The inaugural "Libertarian Leader" was Ron Crickenberger, who at the time
in 2004 was suffering from terminal cancer.

The following individuals have been formally recognized as "Libertarian
Leaders" by the state committee in past years:

2004: Ron Crickenberger
2005: Bill Redpath
2006: Marc Montoni
2007: Jim Lark
2008: (no selection made)
2009: (no selection made)
2010: Dave Overstreet
2011: Matt Cholko
2012: R. Douglas Wright
2013: Anne Panella & Justin Malkin

The State Committee recognized the following in 2014:

2014 Libertarian Leader Lifetime Service Award - Stew Engel
2014 Libertarian Leader of the Year - Robert and Astrid Sarvis

February 24
Washington DC

The DC-area Libertarian Foreign Policy / National Security Group

Trio's Restaurant
1537 17th Street NW
7-9 pm
Join us for a friendly, agree-to-disagree discussion of events across the nation and around the globe, and of how to apply libertarian ideas in a dangerous world
Oxon Hill, MD
February 26-28

 Conservative Political Action Conference

Rand Paul speaks Friday at 10 am; Gary Johnson Thursday at 4 pm
Discount tickets through Young Americans for Liberty

The under 30 crowd tends to be dominated by Rand/Ron Paul supporters.

Volunteers needed for YAL and Our America Initiative (Gary Johnson) booths.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Public services" in DC

You probably think of DC as a place where ambulances don't always pick people up who are dying, subways catch on fire, and everyone who can exits the government schools for charter schools, independent schools or home schooling.  But that basically services work.  Here are reports from this weekend's neighborhood list postings:



Thank you for communicating with the residents. It has now been 24 hours since DC Water turned off our water. This is completely unacceptable. I just spoke with Gloria on the customer service line and she informed me that as of 9:11AM no crew had yet been sent to recharge the water main. She said they expected to have a crew out within 2 hours. They said the same thing when we called at 8AM. The complete lack of information surrounding this incident is extremely frustrating. 

V on Taylor Street


Please ensure that the snow plows do not skip the 5000 block of Fulton and the 5000 block of Eskridge for this snowstorm. The plows come up Dana and up University, but do not plow the short distances to the cul de sacs of Fulton and Eskridge where these streets intersect with Dana and University. And the plows never come back to our blocks after plowing the more heavily travelled streets, like Dana and University. We are DC residents who pay taxes and need plowing to get up and down the hills to our houses. Thank you for your help. 

E on Eskridge 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Andy Bakker petition drive for Virginia delegate race

Mr. Bakker is collecting signatures from Alexandria residents.  Volunteers and donors needed.  We will be covering his campaign here through November.

  • Libertarian Candidate for Virginia House of Delegates, 46th District

  • University of South Carolina - Columbia, 2011

  • (703) 596-3713

    • @andybakker(Twitter)
    • @andybakker(Instagram)

The Future of Innovation: A Conversation Between Tyler Cowen and Peter Thiel

The Future of Innovation: A Conversation Between Tyler Cowen and Peter Thiel | Mercatus

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Libertarian Party of Maryland convention

The Libertarian Party of Maryland will hold its annual convention on March 14, 2015, from 1 to 5 p.m., on the second floor of Squire’s Restauran, in Dundalk, near Baltimore.  The speakers at this year’s convention will be announced soon. During each annual convention, the Central Committee of the party is tasked with considering nominations and voting for the Executive Board, voting on any changes to the party’s program recommended by the Program Committee, receiving reports and conducting all other business authorized by the party Constitution and Bylaws. The annual convention is a great opportunity to meet other libertarians in Maryland and discuss the activities and future of the party. Please save the date and plan to attend. The event calendar will be updated when the program is finalized and a subsequent announcement will also be made on the website, Facebook and in the newsletter.

DC area libertarians

Libertarian Bookstore

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